We brought back a few classics for the New Year, but only for a limited time. So be sure to stop in soon for our latest Black Plate Special, Seasonal Side and Seasonal Sweet.

Smoked Ranch-Cut Steak We start with grain fed, USDA-choice beef hand rubbed with a special mix of savory seasoning. Then, we wood-smoke it low and slow, adding that complex depth of smokiness craved by steakhouse fans everywhere. Finally, something unexpected: reverse searing to seal in all those beefy juices. The super hot caramelization intensifies the crust for an even more satisfying bite in each tender morsel.

Baked Sweet Potato Big and bursting with flavor. Stuffed with extra honey butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. It’s the perfect potato sidekick to your steak dinner, with a sweet twist.

Blueberry Cobbler Save room for dessert you deserve — our Texas Hill Country classic, bursting with plump blueberry goodness baked in a golden crust. Served warm to warm your heart!

And be sure to stop in soon. This delicious menu is only available for a limited time.

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